How Long Does Filtered Water Last And What’s The Protocol?

People have long stored water in sheds, bunkers, closets, etc. in an effort to prepare for emergencies. Bottled water or filtered water can be stored for years, right? Wrong. While it will still be good, meaning it won’t expire, the water isn’t going to taste great after a mere period of 6 months. Of course, you’re not wanting to keep your filtered water for 6 months, are you?

Most people looking up this question simply want to know if they can keep filtered water around for a few weeks without having to worry about it tasting bad or becoming contaminated. You have your answer because it takes about 6 months before the water no longer has its refreshing taste. Yet you want to be sure that you do make a habit of using up your filtered water in a timely manner.

That said, when it comes to your emergency water supply, you should switch it out every 6 months. You can perhaps wait longer than that, and many people do. Yet that is the Department of Homeland Security’s recommendation. Given the fact, however, that the water is going to be used for emergencies, you’re not going to be such a stickler for taste.

It would still be nice to know that the water you have stored for emergencies is actually going to be refreshing though. And when it comes to the filtered water you keep in your refrigerator, let’s look at things a little differently. If you’re wondering how long filtered water lasts before it expires, the best thing to do is drink more water.

I know, we all need to drink more water, right? It’s not something we always think about, and we’re often not at the home to get a glass and drink up. When you are home, think about your beverage choices and opt to drink more water. That will be the best possible solution.

It should also be mentioned that chlorine in water starts to evaporate over a period of time. When that happens, it’s easier for your water to get contaminated. Naturally, there are things you can do to decontaminate the water once again. But the best thing to do is to drink up before you have to worry about that.

Managing filtered water in the home does take some work. It’s a little different than simply going to the tap and filling up a glass with water. Yet you can get a filter for your faucet so that you don’t have to store filtered water.

Of course, you want to store filtered water for emergencies, and now you know how long it lasts. After 6 months, you are going to need to go ahead and use your filtration system to store more water for emergencies. Otherwise, you’re going to have some nasty tasting water if you ever have to use it for any reason. And let’s hope that the water just sits there until you have to refill it because no one wants to experience an emergency situation.

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