Which Type Of Water Purifiers Remove Fluoride?

While water purification systems remove many things that inhibit the growth of bacteria and toxins, they are not effective in completely reducing the water to H20. With that said, there are water purification systems that are more thorough. If you are concerned about the amount of fluoride that may be in the system, not every water purification system has the capacity to get rid of this element; however, there are some that will remove the fluoride from the system better than others. It’s difficult to say that these systems completely obliterate every particle, but they have been effective at dramatically reducing the amount. Here are some that will work for this purpose:

What Won’t Take Care Of The Job

The most common type of water filtration used for in-home use is activated carbon filters. Activated carbon filters are considered the best for removing unwanted elements. While they do a good job at it, this function doesn’t have the capacity to remove fluoride from water. Some who wish to buy water filters do not care if this function is present. In this case, this type of module is perfectly fine. If you are looking for one that can perform this procedure, you should consider the following:

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is done by putting pressure on the water molecules. When pressure is put on water molecules, they are forced to through a semipermeable membrane. It’s sort of like using a strainer after boiling pasta. The semipermeable membrane only allows pure water to flow through it, as it is only able to accept water through its membrane. This destroys any elements that are not a part of the H20. The contaminants are allow left behind, this leaves almost pure water.

Strong Base Anion Exchange

The function of this device is largely complicated. The best way to sum it up is that it ammonium groups are added into the water that helps purify it. This exchanges any harmful toxins in the water to make it pure.


This process separates modules through selective boiling. The process is to produce condensation. Condensation is the way clouds are formed (you probably already knew that). When condensation comes from the sea, the salt isn’t a component of the clouds that come with it. Distillation works in much the same way. Only the components of water are collected into this man-made cloud. While this is much done to the same effect, more research needs to be conducted to prove its effectiveness.

There Are Several Options When It Comes To Modules

Some only wish to purify certain water in the home, while others wish to purify the entirety of the models in the home. There are several modules of water filters that will suit your needs:

-A Pitcher

For those who would like to drink water that doesn’t contain fluoride, this is an extremely efficient option. The water is instantly purified as it pours. You don’t have to perform another step. Tap water is instantly purified to the point where it contains extremely low levels of fluoride and other contaminants. There are a lot of water filter pitchers that you can choose from.

-Under Counter

Under counter, purification keeps your unit out of view. This is a great option for those who do not wish to have their machine visible. Under counter, machines have the ability to hold much higher amounts of water. Many of these models are more expensive than the pitcher option; however, they have a higher ability to purify the water as there are more components that work to purify the water.

-Bigger Systems

There are many bigger systems that filtrate water for the entire home. These water filters are the most expensive option; however, they have the ability to remove all fluoride from the system for every drop of water you use in your home. This option allows you to not bathe in fluoride-containing water. It can be used for outside pools and jacuzzis. What we leave on our skin can be sucked up into the bloodstream. That’s why those who use draw on themselves can eventually be poisoned from the contents in the ink.

Consider All Your Options

There are a variety of ways to ensure that your water is completely free of components that you are wary of. Although those who run the department of sanitation give little care of what components you would not like to have in your water, you are given the ability to control it with filtration systems. This hasn’t always been an option for households. Water filtrations are a fairly modern invention.

We are all concerned about money and have different budgets. The types of water filtration systems are vast enough to allow anyone on a budget to find one that works for them. If you’re interested in cleaner, fluoride-free water, you have more options than just buying water bottles.

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